Stay healthy and what I heart to do

It's Sunday today and I had a really good start of the week!

This is what I have been doing.
11:00 - wake up with lots of energy
11:30 - drink a hot water and pizza for a late breakfast 
12:00 - do a quick facial massage instead of putting facial cream on. :)
12:30 - put all the dirty clothes in the washing machine and I still found myself full of energy 
1:00 - I decided to spend a little bit of my time on yoga. I love yoga!
6:00 - I have booked an appointment for facial. Yeah!


I don't do yoga that much but I love it every time I do it.
It's not an easy job to do all the posture, it really does involve a lot if hard work. But, I feel really good to be able to stretch my body. All the tiredness is released and you feel you are staying healthy and keeping fit. It makes me feels even better when I look into the mirror after an hour of yoga, I see my skin is not pale yellow, it's pale pink. This makes me feel so happy! Exercise keeps my body fits and makes me looks pretty!

I hope that I can keep doing this and stay healthy as always!

Oh yes, btw, if you want to find a good yoga tutor on YouTube, I would highly recommend Tara Stile. She really knows how to stretch your body and make you feel so good after all!

I have also subscribed to her channel as she teach you how to cook healthy food and feel so good to look at her cheery face!

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