Who is writing the blog?!

I’m just somebody out of nowhere who would like to write something in a blog to remind me the joy of my life.

Life in HK is a rush! People living in a tiny place, but we can still enjoy a very close, fun and lovely life. So, why not write every lovely moment down to avoid losing myself in a rushed life?!

I’m actually very lucky who can start my new family with my soon-to-be husband. We know each other since we were 3. He moved to England and now he came back for me to start our new life!
In the coming year, we will need to plan our Chinese and western wedding, we need to attend pre wedding meeting to understand each other more, we are living together now, so we will need to adjust each other’s living style… There will be alot happening….

So, this is just a story of how a young couple survive in this prospective city! Let’s see how it goes!

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