Live our Life the Fullest!

Sometimes you have come to a point that you really want to have some changes, but you can't leave the whole situation as you think too much. Changes mean uncertainty and you won't be able to live in your comfort zone anymore.

I haven't thought of changing my career in these few years. But recently, I start questioning myself on what my dream is? What I want myself to be in the coming few years. I can hardly find an answer. It makes life even more stressful when you know you shouldn't be in the same situation after few years but you are stuck here.

My h2b helps me to search a book which called, Strength. It can help me to identify my strength and weakness through a serious of exercise and see what job suits me well.

I'm looking forward to do the exercise and understand myself a bit more.

To be honest, sometimes we can't think too much without taking any action, I don't want to be depressed again. So I figured, if I can't change the situation at this point, I change what I think about the situation. When you calm down, get outside, you can truly feel your needs, decision can be made a lot easier.

Don't sit here blaming the situation, life is too short to be unhappy. Be happy to your decision and live our life the fullest! :)

If you are clear about the situation and know how to control it, you will have no more fear.

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