Sore Throat

Flu hits HK recently. My dad, my mum, my h2b and my niece all get sick!

They all start with sore throat. When the sore throat just started, I would simply buy some heral candy from 7-11 to crüe myself. Collecting my previous experiences over the last couple of years. I found the following heral candy are the best for me. 

The left one is the best when there are lots of running noise in my throat. The middle one added an extra favourite of lemon to add a little sweetness to the bad day. The right one is the best when you simply have a really painful sore throat. 

Basically, I think it only works when your sore throat just started. When the gems took over your body, I think doctor would be the best pain killer for you! :D

Just want to let you know that I have no affliciation on any products that I mention in this blog. I just simply share my experience with you guys. It works for me but it may not work for you. It's just a leisure blog only. :)

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