Best Nail Polish

When you dressed up or going to an important date, apply nail polish can easily make the whole look prefect and sometimes this tiny detail does matter!

I am not a nail polish addicted, but i do apply this whenever i have some important event or i feel like to dress up that date.

I have been using few nails polish in these few years and I have my favourite brands with me. :)

Chanel - it is the best best best nail polish brand i have ever used. It dries very quickly. You know how messy it can be if it takes forever to make the nail dry and keeping it form sticking to other thing. It also looks really shinny and make the whole look more glamorous. :)i have apply this on for my pre wedding photography and i would love to apply this for my wedding date as well. 

Essie: this one bought from my boss. I think it is good, it takes reasonable time to dry. But the color isnt exactly what I fancy, but i would like to try other color from this brand.

Topshop:I recently loving the brand of topshop,their dresses,clothes and style. Last time I shop there,i pick up this nail polish and feel the price is reasonable and would love to give it a try. The best thing about this nail polish is that it rather thick and I dont need to apply 2 coats to make it looks nice. It is shinny too. Last time I apply this, my friends asked me if i ask someone to apply this on me. You know how easy we can apply this nicely!

RMK: this is the first nail polish brand i tried. I know many jap model use this, i think this is quite long lasting and that is quite important for keybroad typer!

Little tips: please be reminded to wash your hand before applying a nail polish. Put a nail cream on and let it dry before applying the polish. Although all this can protect the nail a little bit, it is best to remove it after three days to let our nails breath. This is imoortant to keep our nail heathy.

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