Eyes cream - anti aging and anti dark eyes circle

When i was in seondary school,I study really hard,I can study till 3 and wake up at 6 to study again. Plus, When I was with my fiance in secondary school, he lives in different time zone than I do. I need to sleep at 1 to talk on the phone with him and wake up at 6 to msn with him. No wonder why i had such a huge dark eyes circle since then. I need to blame him.

Since i work,I have tried to find a suitable eye cream for me to remove my dark eyes circle. None have any reaction to my sticky panda eyes. :( i gave up in using eye cream for many years as i found that not only it cant remove my dark eyes circle, but also it is too oily and makes me had a little oily spot under my eyes. It has been suggested by my friend that i should use eye gel instead if eyes cream is too oily for me. But I dont seem to find a suitable one so I gave up.

Recently, I have addicted to watch youtube video,one of the youtuber suggested to use origin eyes cream, and i really think I use some cream for my eyes as I am growing old,so i tired. I didnt find it good initally, so i buy another one from shiseido. Now,I find it is good when I use it both.

Left: Shiseido anti- dark circkes eye cream
Basically,it only serves one intensive fountion of anti dark eye circle. I normally apply it in the morning, as I feel that during day time,I use my eyes alot to watch and to read. It would be good to ANTI the dark circle being formulate during day time.

Right: Origins GinZing refreshing eye cream
It serves the function of anti aging to prevent small line from creating and anti dark eyes circle. After i apply it, it has a cooling effect, which makes my eyes really fresh and relaxed. So i would normally use it at night when i finished my work. My tiring eyes feel so much brighter. Initally, i dont find it useful, but when I use it for like a month, I feel that my dark eyes circle is disappearing, especially when i combin the two, i feel that my eyes are brighter and sharper, not that tiring like a panda.

Little tips:

I know people normally apply eye cream under the eyes and spread it all around. But i found it is better when i apply both the upper and lower eyes lip and spread it across as both the upper and lower lip needs the cream equally. Or your upper eyes lip needs anti aging alot more as when you grow old, the upper eye lips relax and start covering my eyes and makes me look older. 

Hope this little tips helps!

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