Facial Mask - Fall Edition

It's autumn time!Not just we need to make sure our lips are kissable,we need to ensure our face not aging,especially when the weather is chaning if we dont make the necessary skin care routine and our skin cant cope it. Little line on our face would grow and that is how you tell people how old you are on your face, which we dont really want that.

The best method to moistuize our skin is doing a facial mask at least three times a week.

Here below are the mask I use and really love as it seems to work for me.

Left: Bihada whitening mask
I have been using this brand for like more than 6 years and it is amazing!I can definately see the different immediately after i remove the mask. I first know this brand from a Taiwan model and then I saw in a non no japan model's blog. Both of their skin are really white and pure after removal of the make up (according to the picture they shows in the blog). So I try it and i love love love it and it becomes my skincare routine and i cant live without it. There are few different mask under this brand, but the best are this pink one and a black one. The pink one is best when you want to moisturize your skin or when you feel that your skin become tanned lately. I would use it and it would give me a white and moisturized skin immedately. The black one has an additional founction, which is purifying. Sometimes when i feel that my skin is very dirty,i would use the dark mask after I use a purifying clay. It gives double purifying. I dont really suggest using the dark mask only for purifying,although this mask's function is quite good, but i would think clay mask is more powerful to remove dirt from our face.

Middle:sana tofu mask
This is a mask that I wanted to try for soooooo long but I never use it before. I saw the jap model use it, but i am just too addicted to Buhada mask and havent tried it. Another reason i havent tired it before is that it mainly concentrate on moisturuzing skin, with no purifying or whitening function. But in the autumn dry season, that is what i turly want. It really really really give an execellent function in providing water to my skin. I feel my skin is moisturized deeply. It is definately a must have item for me in autumn time.

Right:shiseido power brightening mask
Im a super shuseido fans. All of my daily skincare routine products are shiseido. It really gives some positive reaction to my skin. But i havent use any paper mask from shiseido before because 1) i think it is rather expensive, more than $100 per mask 2)im already using it every day, maybe i should try other product of mask to give another intensive improvement in a weekly basis. However, in fall time, i feel that daily moisturizing is not enough,if this brand gives a good reaction to my skin, why not add a little bit more by using their mask to magnify the result, and yes. It does what I expected and i will keep buying it until the auntum gone. :)

Little tips: before using the mask, it best that we use some peeling skin product to remove dead skin to let all the product goes straight to the inner part of the skin, wash our face and use purifying clay to remove any dirt on the face, as we dont want the dirt goes together with the product to the inner skins and become little grey spot all over the face. 

If i have time i will try to write about my fulll skin care routine to share my experience with you. :)

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