Lip Balm - Fall edition

It's fall time in Hong Kong. The weather is no longer humid, instead, it's dry, very dry.

Normally, my lip would first react to the change. One I notice my lip drys like a biscuit, I would know it's time for me to moisturize it a little bit. 

In this season, I didn't buy any lip balm. It's all from last winter. I received many Christmas lip balm as a gift last year, I didn't have the chance to use all of them. This year, I would like to try all of them to see which one is the best!!!

1st: Jurlique Love Balm
This one is very moisturized, I remember once I applied this, I don't feel like to keep drinking water anymore. It would normally keep like an hour or two before I need to apply it again.

2nd: New Zealand Lanolin
I'm not sue if you can buy this in hk, as this is a sovinair from my boss. She suggested me to apply this before I sleep and use a little pastic paper to cover it for 10 minutes. Remove the plastic paper before sleep. The next day, you don't feel like applying lip balm before going out. I feel that it's best when it's windy but you still need to open an air con at night. You would normally feel your whole skin is dry when you wake up. But then I found my lip dont feel dry with lanolin applied. :)

Little lips: I would normally place this in my bath room so I can apply it after shower and before sleep. :)

3nd: M&S Lip care
This was bought from my friend as a bridemaid gift. 

I think it is not particularly moisturizing, but it's good when the weather is not that dry but you need to put something on to maintain moist in the lips and no skin peels out.

I think this is very user friendly, at least I don't need to wash my hand before I apply it and I don't need to clean my hand afterward. 

I like placing it in my entry door table, so I can quickly apply it before I leave for work. 

I hope this give you a little idea on what's my favourite lip balm. Remember girl needs to keep lip kissable!!! It earns a lot of points!!! :)

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