My Fall MUST have item

Hong Kong is coming into a deep autumn time and everyone is looking at all the Skincare products that keep the body fully moisturized.

That is very important, but what is more important, I think, is the food that we eat. We found it comes to a time that no matter how much water we drink, we never feels enough. That's why the fall must have items for me will definitely be FRUITS!

It is not just a fruit, it is lots of fruitessssss to moisturize our body from inside to the outside.

Currently, my favourite are

Pears: It is full of water and can quickly moisturize our inner part of the body. If I have time, I would like to cook some pears and apple soup for my h2b.

Pineapple: my favourite fruit ever! Very juicy and I can feel that my lips do not dry out after eating pineapple.

Banana: It gives me a lot of energy in a very short period of time. A person lack of energy, eat banana would help.

Grapes: I love green grapes, I always treat this as snack in the office as it is so easy to eat without being notify by others and it has no stone, which won't mess up my clean table with lots of paper on it.

Apple: it helps cleaning up all the dirt inside my body and helps with the bowel movement. We need to eat it in a regular basis to ensure we have a better health. :)

Little tips: I have develop a habit lately. I like going to pacific coffee to buy a pack of fruits during lunch time. The pack have different kinds of fruit for me to absorb different ingredients in one go. If you are lazy like me not to buy different fruits and prepare it at night, this is definitely a good choice for you to stay healthy during busy days. 

We are what we eat, so act healthy and stay heathy now! :)

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