My Pamper Evening - Skincare Edition

I had a pamper evening last Monday and I found my skin is better than going to beauty shop for facial. I would love to share what I did here.

If you are living in Hong Kong,this isn't a very interesting post as I think many people may already have this kind of product. So, what is it? dada..

HABA Ion My Skincare product.

This is an old school edition and I have bought this for like 4 years now but I still found it works for me. I know Haba has released a new edition lately and I can use my 1st edition to trade this in, but I missed it. Oh well, what a waste. :( I know this second edition can use under the eyes, I so so so want to have one, anyway, I might buy this after my wedding!!! :)

Ok, stop chatting and go straight to the skin care steps that I have done last Monday.

Step 1: As usual, I clean my face with my sheshido cleaning foam.
Step 2: if I haven't use my mangosteen peeling gel twice this week, I would use this to remove my dead skin first.
Step 3: Apple G lotion into a facial coat (it should be a blank facial mask, but I haven't bought this and I found facial coat serves the same purpose. So I keep using it. What a lazy lady?)

Little tips: I love love love this g lotion and I actually thought this is THE product that improve my skins.  I have used other product regularly but not G lotion. If my skin has significant changed after this Skincare session, it has to be this seldom used product! Plus,last week I had a little red spot on my face (I'm having sensitive skin), I read a magazine, it said it may most probably due to the change of weather, and moisturising my face with lotion would help. After I apply the G lotion, the redness really disappear. It is so amazing! I will keep buying this.

Step 4: Use the ion machine, turn it to cleaning mode and ion my face on the facial coat until I heard a "deep" sound.

Step 5: Apply any of my regular face mask ( I use tofu one last Monday), turning the mechine to refine mode and ion my face until I heard a "deep" sound.

Step 6: Massaging my face on the mask to help all essence of the mask absorbing by my face.

Step 7: Remove the mask and massage my face again until my finger don't feel that wet. Slap slight on my face to help the absorbance.

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