My twice a week Skincare Routine

Referring to my facial mask posted earlier, I mentioned I will write about my twice a week intensive skin care routine. Now this is the time. :)

1st: I would firstly use Mangosteen peeling gel to remove any dead skin on my face. This definitely helps to make my skin brighter. The reason for using this first is that this gel work best when your skin is dry. I would rub it for around 4 to 5 minutes until i feel most of the dead skin is removed. For your information, this can be bought in log on.

2nd: I would like to use my day to day shishedo brightening cleaning foam to wash all the dirt and dead skin on my face. The reason I use cleaning foam instead of cleaning oil is that my face would grow some oily spot when I use cleaning oil. My skin just doesn't like oily product!:(

3rd: I prefer sheshido the skin care purifying mask. I like using clay mask to remove any dirt on my face. This is very powerful. I feel that all the dirt would stick to the mask and remove it all together when I wash away the mask. It takes around 20 minutes to let it dry before the next step. 

A little tips: please don't apply this for too long as this would over dry the skin and little line would grow.

4th: Put the mask on the face for another 20 minutes. This would be one of the masks I showed in earlier post. Sometimes, I would use ion machine as well to help my skin absorbing the product. ( I will introduce the ion machine I normally use later.)

When the time is up, I would massage my face to help my skin absorbing all the remaining product.

Little tips: I would not apply any more day to day skin care product as I feel that my skin are already moisturized and I don't want to over care my skin with chemical.

Hope this little blog gives you some ideas on how someone take care of their face and did help you a little bit. :)

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