Girls' little secret - Razor and Deodorant

What is girl's secret weapon?

A razor and a deodorant. That is something boy never want to know you use it. I dont know why they think girls born with no under shoulder hair and girl doesnt sweat. They never want to know how girl shave and what to use to avoid the sweaty shoulder as this would destory their fantasy on girl. So unreal!:)

Anyway,it's never difficult for us to keep it as a little secret,and in fact I have some funny expereiences that I would like to share on using a razor and a deodorant.

I like using spray unless i go travel and cannot take it on the plane. The reason I choose spray is that it doesnt have direct contact with my shoulder. I feel that when it contacts my shoulder, the sweat may stick on the product and next time when I use it,the sweat has converted to germ and stict it back to my shoulder. Dirty dirty.

when I use a new razor,I would cover my skin with some moisturizer first as the razor would normally be too sharp and hurt my skins.

The main tips:
is that I wont use razor and deodorant at the same time. It has no dotoral proof,but it is my mum's advice. The reason for not using it together is that when you shave your hair and you may hurt your skin. When you spray the deodorant, the chemical goes strict to your inner part of the body or breast through your wound. Although it has no proof, it is close to the breast , it makes sense to me,so I choose to avoid using it at the same time. It maybe better to shave at night and apply the deodorant when leaving the house.

That is a little secret that I would like to share! 

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