To find wedding ideas in some wedding magazine - which one is good?

I have been planning my wedding since Sep 12, i bought some wedding magazine in England and found their magazine has a lot of interesring ideas and details which hong kong people may not think in the sameway, so i try to see if hong kong can have the same magazine. Yeah, I found it in PageOne.

Here are the three magazines I would mostly recommend!

Perfect Wedding: i really love their size, i usually read the magazine before sleep on bed or i bring it out to read. This really helps for carrying along. For the content, i really love the real wedding part, it shows he theme and how every details can match the theme. This gives me alot of inspiratiin for my own wedding.

Cosmoplolitian Bride: if you are in the stage of finding a beatiful wedding dress, bridesmaid dress,mummy outfit or hair styling,this magazine is what you want. It shows lots of really good styling and celebrity looks and you can have an idea of hiw to make your own wedding more grand. More high end fashionable magazine,i think.

You and your wedding: this magazine have both real life wedding and fashion ideas, the fashion and wedding ideas are more down to earth. I particular their part of honeymoon suggestions and wedding card example. My wedding announcement is inspired by of their example shown.

Little tips: Commerical press has a cheaper price of the magazine. PageOne has lots of uk, japan wedding magazine. You can go there and have a look.

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