Honeymoon Must Have Bath Item

Sorry guys, I havent been blogging as much as I am currently in my honeymoon in Tasmania.

I have many blogging ideas but I havent have the time to sit down and write it down and the internet connection is not as good here. I will definately blog about best places to travel in tasmania. Tips for the travels,what souveir to buy, but what I want to write about today is the must have bath items when travel.

Here are my bath items:

Shower Gel from H2O:We go to Tasmania for two and a half weeks. This size of the gel are prefect for us. The gel moisturized our skin which is prefect for the dry weather in Tasmania.

Shampoo and conditioner from Essential: I havent used this brand before, but I love to try this basically it states it can make my hair fluffy. As I know during my honeymoon, i dont want to waste my time curing my hair every morning. I might just keep my hair stright for few days, I have ion my hair half year ago,when I blow dry my hair,it sticks with my face and make my face looks really long. Making my hair big can make me look much prettier. I love this shampoo as it does what it stated.

The conditioner purely smoothen my hair, the reason I ion my hair because there are many little hair pop up on top of my head and making me look very untidy. Ioning it helps, but it is half year ago, so conditioner is the best helper to control the little hair. The smoothening function of Essential is prefect for me. So I am very happy with this pink and yellow combination of shampoo and conditioner. 

Little tips:
1) I am actually sharing the above products with my husband. The size of the shower gel are prefect for two and a half weeks trip,but the shampoo and conditioner may run out by the end of the trip,especially if you have long hair like me and if you like to use a huge amount of hair conditioner. Always pick up the shampoo or shower gel from hotel in case you run out of the products and you dont want to buy or if you live remotedly like in Tasmania.

2) I ask my husband if he likes the shampoo. He doesn't really LOVE it as he think it cant wash away his hair gel, however, he doesn't really know if it is the hair gel too sticky or the shampoo isnt strong enough. 

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