Lookbook - What I wear when I am travelling

Look 1 
White clothes and blue jeans

I literally think that I have dressed incorrectly as the hotel we stay do not have a full length mirrior.

I just think that the color combination of white,pale blue and yellow would look quite nice in the pictures. But i forgot the pattern in my clothes and jeans doesnt not really match. But still I quite like the color!:)

Look 2
Pink coat and white dress

That day is my 1 month married day, I wear the dress that i wore on my han party and coat that i wore in my pre wedding photoshoot.

Look 3
Lase dress and pink coat plus sport shoes.

As we are going to cradle mount that day, we choose to wear sport shoes. I love this sport shoes as it is pink and grey and look more girly.

Look 4 
Flower printed dress and pink coat

I have never wear that colorful printed dress before but my husband love it. 

I have been to Australia for more than two weeks,so there definately be more I can blog about. The pictures i posted here i just quickly find it in my mobile. If I have a chance,i will upload more from my camera.

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