Travel to Australia Must have item 3

Perhaps many of you know that there is a hole up in Australia which makes the sun very strong in this beautiful country.

Me and my husband like playing with the sun, especially in our honeymoon. The must have item to prevent we get sun burn would be covering ourselves with sunblock.

The following items are what we are using:

1) Sunblock for Face - ShiSeiDo Prefect UV Protector: this is a present from my best friend. I like this as it moisturized my skin while having the sun locking. It is water resist as well, so if you go swimming in the beach or having huge sweating. This is a very good product. 

A little tip for you is that as it is water resist, you will need a make up removing gel to completely removed the sunblock. Make sure you clean it totally before you go to sleep to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin. :)

2) Sunblock for body - Nivea light feel every day sun lotion. We purchase this in Australia as we think that product produce in Australia is the best to prevent the UV there as they understand the situation around that place better and the humidity there. 

(This is covering our arms and legs because Shiseido one is too expensive. It may not be cost effective to apply it in our full body.)

This product is really light feel, you will hardly remember there is sunblock covering your body. I don't feel I go darker after two weeks in Australia. So good job Nivea.

By the way, I found that all sunblock product in Australia is SPF 30+. I guess this is what they think it is enough to protect our skin.

I'm considered to lower the SPF I used in HK as well. I think keeping minimum on our skin will always be good to our skin, so it can breath and absorb the vitamin D from the sun.

3) Aftersun lotion - Nivea moisturizing after sun lotion. Sometimes, I forget to remind my husband to apply sun block and he feels sun burnt or his sweat washed away his sunblock. This product is the best helper for him. It freezes his skin and his face turns from red to normal on the other day. I suggest to bring this with you if you are travelling to a sunshine city, just in case. :) 

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