Best Jewellery for Valentines' Day - 我的珍珠魔法

It is almost Valentines' Day now, and you might be worrying what to wear during the IMPORTANT day to impress your man or potential one.

One of the items that can make your look completely different is - Jewellery. Jewellery can easily help you to dress up or down. Here are some Pearl Jewelleries I would like to wear during special events.

Pearl with Flower Necklace from Ans

This jewellery has a little flower which is nice and girly.

 The jewellery would be the best
if you are going to some night events which need you to be a bit formal.
It can easily match with all color's dress and make you look young and glamorous.

Silver Pearl Necklace from b+ab

This necklace is more causal and you can match with all causal wear and add a little details to your outfit.
You can instantly change a boring look to an attractive look just because of a necklace,
Sometimes the little details makes complete difference.

Pearl Ear Ring from a Little Bouquet

If you want to go to a night event, these ear rings matches perfectly with the first necklace.
The whole set of jewellery can easily dressed you up.
Pearls can easily make you feel old, but the little bow on top tells "You are young".

I personally love pearls very much as I love the texture, love the shininess and the way it helps me look so tidy and charming. I hope this idea help you a little and figured the best look for THE day. :)

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