Buy, Eat, Life

BUY: I have recently addicted to Kate Spade. I love this brand as their designs are full of bow and spot and its texture is really hard and strong. I have been shopping at their shop twice and I have targeted this little silver iPad bag and a gold wallet. 

I haven't bought the wallet yet, but I think I will as I really miss it. I saw it in the airport, I love it ever since.

For this silver bag, I won't use this for my iPad as my iPad already has a really pretty case covering it. Instead I will use it when I go out to carry my wallet, keys etc. Kate Spade is currently on sales. I buy this with half price: HKD350 (original price: $700).

EAT: One of my favourite food is green tea stuff. I bascially love all kind of green tea food. Green tea ice cream, green tea mike, green tea cookies. I love the taste of green tea as it is not strong in favour yet it is healthy. 

Whenever I go to CitySuper, I would buy this Red Bean Green Tea stuff to eat. It is supper yummy and is only HKD14 each. It has different kinds of favour like custard. If you are not particularly fond of Green Tea, you can try the Custard one. It is equally yum!

LIFE: My husband and I are particularly care about our health lately. As my life are super busy, we know that we shall take extra care of our health. Not only what we eat, but also how much exercise we did. Apart from cycling, we like jogging and yoga. We try to keep execising at least once a week.

My life isn't very interesting, but I love the peace and the time I spend with my loved one.

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