Fair Sharing - 平等分享

Few years ago, Hong Kong government gives out hkd6000 to all hk resident. Some people think it is excessive for them and should use this money to others who really need.

They started a event in buying food, clothes to elderly. Trying to talk to them and really care about them.

This is the second time we join this event,  the first time we target those elderly who collect and sales "paper". This time, we target all old people who in need of food.

I feel happy when I talk to one of the old lady, she is sitting on the floor waiting for the shop to give her some paper. We buy  some lunch ticket and give it to her. I still remember once I notice her eyes with tears I try to find a tissue to remove the tease for her. She feels so thanksful and I feel so glad that at least I can show my love to one stranger. Sometimes, we are not indifferent, it is just we don't have the time and motivation to show our love to the society.

If you are in Hong Kong, please click on to be link to understand more about this event. It happens regularly and in different district, you would find yourself being amazed by how much care you would like to show to the others and the society. 


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