What I Wear at Home- Winter Edition

I LOVE my winter PJ. It is pink PJ with white spot on it. It is super cute!

The other must have items is a winter slippers. I have never wear this winter slippers before until the first time I went to the UK. My mum bought a pair of really warm shoes alike slippers to me. I fall in love with it instantly. 

Not only it is cold and comfy, but also it is shoes alike, it covers a lot of my legs, even to the part of my legs that my trousers cannot cover. That way, I don't need to wear shocks around. I heard that if you wear shocks the whole day, your legs' skin can't breath and would cause skin peeling off. 

When I come back to HK, I try to search everywhere to look for a similar one but failed. Finally, I found some in "Accessorized". I am so AMAZED!

If you are interested to get one in these winter, go to Accessorized, it has some really pretty slippers which are not pricy at all.

Winter Slippers from Mum 

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