I have been married for more than 1 month now. I guess it is time for me to talk more about my marriage.

People always asked me what is the different after married. I feel that not only I get another ring, but also the responsibility that I get.

I feel like I have the responsibility to take care of my husband. What he eats, how to keep him healthy. My husband and I have lived together for one year, it is the first time I feel that it is time for me to think seriously on if I should put my husband in front of my work.

Not that we share the food in one plate. How much and how good we eat, it all depends on me now. 

It really does frustrated me as my husband and I are both very busy. We don't actually have the time to take care of what we eat everyday. As a wife, it is time to stop and think about it a little bit more on how to balance work and home.

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