My Hubby's Favourite Sauce

I always write about what I like to eat or what my favourite food is. Perhaps it is good to tell you a bit   more about what man like to eat as some of you may be MAN/BOY.

Hello, man/boy.

My hubby love Nanodo's. However, there is no Nanodo's in HK. He likes asking his friends from the UK to bring some Nanodo's sauces to him when they travel to HK, so we can make some home made Nanodo's chicken. 

The first time his friends bring him is a few glass bottle of watery sauces, which is very heavy and hard to carry it to HK. 

The second times,  his friends find some really good dried herbal feel sauces, which is an AMAZING adventure on earth. They can bring as much as they like to us!!!!

Here is how it looks like:

Our current favourite is lemon & herb & BBQ. We just put it in the chicken rings, leave it there for few hours and then put it in the oven and it's done!!!!

What is more amazing is that the sauces can actually buys in TASTE (Fancy supermarket). Currently I found the glass bottle one at least. We actually don't need our friends to carry it few thousand miles for us and we can now eat our favourite food whenever we want!!!

How good is that? :)

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