Best Breakfast for the Day - Pancakes

On a saturday morning, my husband and I like sleeping until it's time to wake up. We think about what breakfast to eat in our bed. Here comes our final idea - PANCAKES.

Every time we travel to a new place, we would love the food there. Last time we travel to Australia, we try to enjoy their pancakes and normally, the food would have an emotion attached to it. This time, the pancakes bring us back to Tasmania.  

The pancake mix would normally have no favour inside, so I would like to add a little bit of honey and lemon juice while stirring in the water. Little tips for you is that, don't add too much honey. The honey would make the texture less soft. You can add more lemon juice if you like heavy taste.

Another tips while cooking mini pancakes is that you can use a little mode (I normally use the mode for making scone) to limit the amount of mixture per pancake. This can also help to shape the pancake as circle.

Don't move the mixture while heating, move it until it is not stick with the pan. 

You can then add different toppings, like Nutella, Jams or peanut butter. My current favourite is Nutella! :0)

It is so easy to do, let's try it! 

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