Healthy Breakfast for Saturday Morning

A very relaxing saturday morning,  my hubby and I have no plan at all. We just sleep until we think we should wake up and then my hubby start cooking.

I have no idea what he cooks, but then I found out. It is a really lovely meal:-

Egg with red pepper

As you may already know, egg is full of every nutrients to grow a little chicken. So it is a good food for me to energising myself in the morning.

Red pepper is my recent favourite. I found it very crispy. It is a good and healthy replacement for potato chips.

I plan to bring some to work, so whenever I feel like taking snacks, this health one is what I put my mouth to. ;)

Breakfast cooked by hubby

Honey Water

My aunt recently bought a local honey for us. We love local honey, as we heard that honey is good for curing allergy and health. Local bees live in local environment and MAKE some honey out. The honey has all the nutrients this environment needs, which perfectly fits for people live in this environment. 

We like drinking this Wing Wo honey water first things in the morning. Honey has the ability to clean the dirt inside your body, so drinking it with warm water in the morning is the best way to stay healthy!

To be honest, we won't drink it everyday. We think all best things are only good if you eat it regularly not overwhelmed your body with a single food. 

That's why we drink twice a week in the morning.

Honey from Auntie

I hope you enjoy this blog post and keep a healthy life. Cheers!

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