Two Skincare Trail

I have been using Shiseido skincare products for many many years and the feeling of keep using it is still going strong.

The reason I like Shiseido is that it really works for me. Many tiring night when I am back from work, my face goes really dark and not shiny at all. Once I use their skin care products to wash my face, I feel so clean. I can actually see the difference. That's why it is my all time favourite. 

However, as I am growing old, I start wondering if I should move the line from brightening one to strengthening line or even more brand with extra firm up my skin features. 

Here below are the products that I am currently tried and would like to share what I feel about it:-

ITEM 1 : Shiseido Benefiance extra creamy cleansing foam. 

First of all I would like to point out that I love using foam to clean my face instead of oil. My skin is very sensitive to oil, if I use oily texture kind of product, my skin would grow some spots around my eyes or my face. 

Besides, if you use foam, you needs to make a really thick foam before you apply it on your face, when you clean your face, it is not how hard you rub your face, it is how the foam taking up the dirts. Thicker the foam, more powerful the cleaning power it can be.

I love this cleansing foam as it is extra creamy. In this winter time, my skin goes dry really quickly, and in my age, I need to be extra careful on the winkle and this creamy texture makes me feel that it is moisturising my skin while cleaning my face. 

It also has many small particles in it, it helps removing the dirt that already stick inside my face. I especially like my massage my nose longer with this foam as I feel that it can help removing the black spots.

ITEM 2; SKII Cellumination Day Surge UV

In fact, it is the second time I tried SKII, the first time I try is before I married. As my skin are very used to Shishedo products, when I first applies SKII, my face goes really sensitive and goes red. As it is too close to my wedding, I stop using it immediately.

Now that my wedding is over, I start using it again. When I first use it, this time, I would combine it with shishedo lotion or softener and avoiding changing the full set of products in one go and making my skin hard to adjust the changes.

With this approach, my skin doesn't go that red in the first day, in the second day, there is no redness at all. I think my skin is adopting it.

I quite like this product as after I apply it, my skin is a lot softer than before. I don't feel it is very moisturising but it is not dry. The texture is a lot thicker than the watery lotion I normally use, which suits my desire in changing to a more anti winkle product.

I would continue try this product and see if my skin goes better from time to time.

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