Some ME time

A saturday morning, I would like to start a really personal blog for today, as I really need one to clear my head up. 

One week ago, I hand in my notice for the job that I have done for 6 years. My boss has given me one more week to rethink if I really want to leave and offer me some other good opportunities to stay on.

I have been thinking this like more than a week and would like to tell myself "No, it is time for you to move on". The next question is where I should move?

(can't even type for 5 mins...)

Good question, what should I do next? I found myself a lot of interests, but then it is most likely be "a leisure interest". 

1) Learning piano
2) Reading more books
3) Starting blog
4) Learn how to edit video 
5) Learn photography
6) Do more pastel drawing

(I would write more about the above interests...)

Now that I have married and resigned, I know it is time for me to stop and think how life should then go.

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I really want to find a job that I can earn money at home, being a good wife and be able to take good care of my husband. 

Even if it is not work from home, I could shorten my working hours (unlike now: 8am-8pm). It is crazy and I am ashamed of being called "Wife". 

I spend all my life being a very hard working girl and woman. I tried to fulfil what my parents expected, what the society thinks I should be in order to earn money. I did it. I strive very hard every day and I attained what I expect myself to be when I was very little. I still remember when I set my goal. It is when I was F.7, I needed to choose what to study, think about who I will be later on in my life. I failed and then strive really hard to become who I am today.

I can tell myself, I did everything as planned. Being a professional in a business field, being Chi's wife. I have spent a long and difficult time before I can get and become what I want. But I'm sure if I set my goal, understand what I want, I will be what I expected myself to be. 

The road ahead will not be easy and I will need to prepare myself for many obstacbles and stay strong. But first of all, I need to make the move to plan ahead, set a goal and work for it.

I am sure I would like to keep you posted on my life searching status here. 

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