3 Health Products that Change your Life

It has been a hot topic for me recently to stay healthy as my life is busy and I see so many people getting sick lately.

It is time to take care of what we eat to ensure our body is healthy enough to flight for any bacteria.

Today, my hubby and I go to a healthy food store and buy three healthy food that we think it is worth sharing.

Pumpkin Seed Cookies (no sugar) Diabetes are more and more popular in hk. We should be careful of how much sugar we consume everyday. This cookies is good as it has no sugar. If anyone think diabetes is not really a matter for you, then think about when you want to eat snack, this cook will be a healthy replacement and keep fit as well.

Organic Golden Flax Seeds Powder Flax seeds is actually very good for people with problem of constipation. It helps stimulating intestines. You can put the seed on top on rice, conquee or breakfast.  

Natural Fine Sea Salt (no iodine) Salt has been one of the tiny little sauce that we need to put in nearly all dishes. It is very important to have a very fine salt that have no heavy metal, no iodine and highly pure. This salt is exactly what we have been looking for.  

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