Skincare Product Haul from Taiwan

Finally, I have the time to talk about the skincare product that I buy earlier in Taiwan. It turns out that the product doesn't really suit me but I think it may be suitable for people with really dry and sensitive skin.

First thing first, I would like to clarify I am with neutral and sensitive skin. My cheek is little bit dry, but it doesn't dry like peeling off skin when I don't apply any moisturising product.

How to understand which skin type are you? If you want to understand your skin type, you can try to feel it when you washed your face and don't apply any product, trying to observe which part of your skin is dry and how dry it is. Please don't always do this to dehydrate your skin. Just once and then you can identify what type of product suits you. Basically, there are two type of skin that skincare brand like using to differentiate their product.

DRY SKIN: Skin peeling off if you don't apply moisturiser. Or you feel like you have to apply something.

MIXED SKIN: Oily skin in the front head and nose, dry skin on the cheek.

The product mentioned in this post are suitable for people with dry skin.

Curel  Whitening Moisture Face Milk: Two months ago, my friend who has a really dry skin has suddenly had a allergic reaction toward the skincare product she normally used. Her face went red and swollen. She was terrified, as her skin is dry and can't just don't apply anything to moisturise her skin, especially it is winter time in HK. She had tried to find a product that was as pure as possible but it could hydrated her skin. This is the product that she used. It is especially designed for dry and sensitive skin with whitening function. It can easily buy in Mannings or any large chain store. I always like the brand of Kao, it gives an impression to me that it is pure. This is also a brand that I used when I was really young.

I heard it from my friend that this product really helps her to recover from her allergic reaction when I was in Taiwan. I definitely want to buy it and have a try. However, it doesn't really suit me as the moisturising function is too strong, my skin starts growing spots, so I stop immediately and give it to my friend.

So, always make sure the product suit your skin type before you try it even it is a good one. I'm a bad example. But that is a good experience, it is always trial and error and you know which product suits you best.

自白肌: This is another product that I would LOVE to try even I know this may not suit me. This product is a sister line of a very famous brand "my beauty diary"(我的美麗日記). It is also a Taiwan branded product. They have invited Fan Fan (who is a popular singer with very white and lovely skin) as an endorser. I found this product in log-on (HK) before, thought of give it a try, but I didn't as my moisturiser has not been used up yet. I saw it in Taiwan and their advert is everywhere. It is more popular and a bigger brand in Taiwan than in HK. So I give it a try as my skin is drier than normal lately.

Again, the moisturising function is quite strong, my skin is full of water since then, my face are abit shinny after I apply it. It is not as soft by it looks. So I start wondering if this product is too moisturise for my skin type.

I won't stop using this, I will use it at night time while keep using my Shishedo product in the morning. This way, I can moisturise my skin at night and have more time to feel if the product suits me.

I think this two products are good one for dry skin and I don't want to miss telling you all. Although it is not a prefect match for me, but good product can somehow suit someone.

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