Everything About a Short Trip to Taiwan

We have a chance to travel to Taiwan (Kaohsiung to be exact) over the weekend for a three days trip. Pretty much I would say, it is a relaxing, drinking, eating trip and I would like to blog it and share the joys.

This blog will be a little bit long as it would cover WEAR, EAT, LIVE, TRAVEL, nearly everything about our weekend trip.

* WEAR *

We went with easy causal clothing as we didn't bring our big suitcase, instead, we just brought our bags with us. To kept everything in one bag, we needed to make sure everything were useful during the trip, and clothing are not too heavy.

Cloth: Cat Print T-shirt with Collar
Trouser: H&M Shinny Jeans
Bag: Agns b thin texture bag

Cloth: T-shirt from London
Jeans: Uniqlo Dark Blue Jeans
Shoes: Grey Van Shoes
Clothes: H&M Summer T
Jeans: Dark Sketchy Jeans from Gap
Shoes: River Island
T-shirt: Giordano Taiwan
Jeans: H&M Dark Grey Jeans
Shoes: Converse
T-shirt: Supremebeing
Jeans: Dark Blue Jeans from Gap
Shoes: Grey Van Shoes

T-Shirt: Lips T from Prince Edward Shopping Center
Jeans: Dark Grey Jeans from H&M
Shoes: Pink Converse

* EAT *

Taiwan food are yummy! They have their own style of cooking. All the sauces are in a very suitable amount and here are some signature dishes you could never missed if you go there. 

Pork Rice with special sauces (魯肉飯)

Pork and Veggie Dumpling (煎餃子)

Beef Noodles (牛肉麵)

Fruit / Green Tea Red Bean Smoothy (生果/抺茶冰)

Smelly ToFu (臭豆腐)
Gill Skewer (串燒)
I would definitely write a post just to introduce this restaurant!
They bring food to us from Heaven!!!!  

* Live *

We live in a three stars King's Town Hotel, it is really not a particular fancy hotel, but it is right in front of Kaohsiung Train station and is very convenient for us to travel along.

* Travel *

Da Kuo Memorial Place (打九紀念館)
There is a few old trains there, people kiting.
We feel so relaxed just to sit there and enjoy the view.

Banana Pier ( 香蕉海岸)
There are some music bar near the pier, we have bought a drink,
sit there and enjoy the sunset and sea view and the music.
Lovely time to spend a sunday afternoon.
Don't miss the Snack street near the pier.
Lots of signature dishes I introduce over there are from there.
Love River ( 愛河)
A place you should go when it is dark, the view is very much like Hong Kong.
Tall Building, light near the river.

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