Taiwan Book Haul

Taiwanese has a really good habit of reading books and I have a chance to buy two of a really good book to read.

I didn't have a chance to update you. I tired to resign one month ago, but then I stay and will become a small team leader of three. I am not a leader before, so it is a little bit scary for me to take care of three mature people in one go. I think I may need to prepare myself to make sure I am a good leader. How can I not scolding people and attaching our company goal? These book may give some idea.

The book at the back teaches you how to let your boss understand you, how to let your subordinates support you.

I like this good because it has lots of color, some pictures and most importantly the content is organize nicely. 
It has a title in each charter, so you can basically understand what you expect this charter stated. Then it has a small table on people introduction. To let you understand the background. The story starts explaining what happen in the office, how people resolve it. At the end it has a tips box to summarize the suggestion on how to deal with the matters. It is very easy to read. If you start feeling tired. You can simple read the title and the tips box. Nice and lazy! Hehee

The front book is all about the skill of talking. Sometimes, it is hard to ask people to do something when you know they are already very busy. This book teaches all the skill in how to deal with it. A very interesting book at worth reading and benefit for a life time.

One thing to add, my husband and I buy five books in a Taiwan book store and it cost us hkd350 only. That us pretty shocking for us. No wonder why people like buying book in Taiwan. :)

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