Two Honey Product

I feel like it is winter time in Hong Kong,even it is spring now. My skin is dry and the only thing that can moisturize the body inside and outside is HONEY!

I had blog about drinking honey in te morning earlier. Currently,I like adding few drops of fresh lemon juice as well to let myself have more vietamin C to defend my body from disceases,like flu or cough.

Besides actually drinking honey, I try searching for honey beauty stuff and they are both from the Body Shop.

1) Honeymania body butter: The texture are thick, but it is not moisturised as I think it will be. It is definitely good for spring time while you don't want your body to be too oily. But my skin gets dry again easy after applying this in winter time.

2) Honeymania shower gel: I really really like the smell of this shower gel. It makes my shower period more pleasant and relaxing. I like the feeling of covering with honey after bath. Definitely will buy it again after using this up.

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