The Best Cook Books Ever

My best friend, Janice, will come to my home for baking tomorrow. While I try to search for a decent receipt, I think it would be a nice blog post to share my favourite cook books to you. 

# The Little Paris Kitchen - A years ago, I'm obsessed in watching Rachel Khoo's cooking video in Youtube. Her dishes are so easy to cook and I love her truthful personality. And most of all,  the show is talking about a woman starting her cooking carreer in PARIS where I have my personal interest in this place.

This book includes all the receipt that she has cooked in her show. This is good as I don't need to write down all the ingredient from the video. The receipt ranges from breakfast, soup, dinner to snack. It would be everything you would crave for.  However, the only problem is that it is not easy to find the ingredient in Hong Kong. :(

Janice has chosen to cook Croque Madame Muffins tomorrow, will let you know how it goes.

# Nutritionist's 200 Calories Desert Receipt - This is my absolute favourite cook book. I have almost tried every single dishes as stated in this book. You know, desert would always means FAT. But this is an nutritionist's receipt and it specified the desert would only  be 200 calories. How on earth can I resist this? Normally, I would also cut down the sugar as stated in the receipt. Haha.. This way, I won't feel any guilty in eating the yummy desert! hehe..

Another desert we might cook for tomorrow will be banana cake. The receipt as state in this book  is easy. In fact, I am choosing from carrot cake or banana cake. I guess banana would be an easy one for Janice to start with.

It is always good to have a best friend around. I am so looking forward for tomorrow. ;)

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