My Deep Makeup Removal Routine

I seldom wear make up, when I really have to, I would make sure I try my very best to ensure all make up are removed. 

Here are the steps that I did: 

Split a cotton pad, one covering my eye bag to avoid the mascara stay in my under eyes and become dark eyes circle. This can also prevent scratching the eye bag when removing the make up. 

Then I would use my all time favourite cleaning gel to remove my make up. Cleaning oil would easily make my skin oily and grows spot. Cleaning gel is the best option for neutral and oily skin.

The next stop is to use my normal cleaning foam. I would try to make as much foam as possible to maximise the cleaning ability.

To have a deeper cleaning, I would use clay mask to make sure all make up are removed. Currently I am trying Kiehl's Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. 

Then, I would use a moisturising mask to make sure my face are not dehydrated during the deep cleaning process. 

Then I feel refreshing! ;)

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