My Nails Makes me Happy

Pink always cheers me up! I can't believed having my nail polished would make such a different for my mood. 

I have been in a really bad mood because you know.. girls always have one of those days... Flighting with my mood is not easy, but I always try to find different ways to cheer myself up. As you know from my previous post, eating crazily is not an option for me to cheer myself up as I promised myself to eat healthy. So I tried to make myself pretty and see if it works. AND IT DOES WORK REALLY WELL. Girl likes to be beautiful! Beautiful things always cheer girls up. That's why people always say "Girl money is easy to earn." 

To find thing to cheer me up, fist of all, where to start? NAIL! Which colour? PINK! Decision made so quickly. 

I try to search from my old little nail polish bag, and hey.. hello, my love! RMK Shocking pink nail polish is saying hi to me! YOU GETS ME! 

I really really love RMK nail product, it is as shinny as the channel one, yet it is much much cheaper (HK$70/ bottom). You only need to pint one coat and it's done. As I know I would do some typing in these few days for my blog post, I add a top coat on it to make it last longer. RMK base and top coat is so wonderful. It combines two functions and I don't need to store a lot of nail items and you know. The other reason I like RMK is that it drys so quickly. I really hate it when I have my nail polish and I can't touch or do anything for like half an hour to ensure my nail colour won't be ruined. It is so annoying as I know I won't be able to do it. I am always temped to do this and that and ends up I need to redo my nail polish. 

Apply RMK nail polish, it would only take around 5 mins, then I'm free to go everywhere and do anything! WONDERFUL!


In short, to find the best nail polish for me, it has to meet the following criteria:
1) It dries easily.
2) Only need to apply one coat and it is done.
3) Not easy to wear off.
4) Shinny.
5) Lovely colour. 

I hope you enjoy this little post. I enjoy typing this post a lot, as I can look at my fingers when I am typing and it looks sooooo beautiful.. (*HAPPY*) 

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