Time to Bake - Brownie

Yesterday, I mention about my best friend, Janice, will come over for baking. This is the result:

Jan comes at around 2 and we discuss for a while on what should be baked. I was chosen to bake banana cake as I mentioned, but later I found out that Jan doesn't really like eating banana. Opps. So, we choose brownie instead. 

Here you go, it tools us around 2 hours to bake two dishes. Quite a success to us. :) I hope that Jan will come over again soon and we can have more time to see each other and I can make her happy! :0) 

# Brownie
 It is quite a success in baking this as the outside is cracky and in side is really soft. Love it! 

# Muffin with Cheese
We absolutely love this receipt as it is very easy but it looks really difficult to bake. 

Baking is fun and a good gathering activity! Try finding the joy of life!

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