What is in my bag?

I always interested to know what people put inside their bag. For me, I don't like carry too many items with me. As you know, there would always be things need to be put inside the bag AFTER SHOPPING. (heheee..) Plus, from time to time, if I don't tidy up my bag, there would always be many miserable things insides. I thought it would be good to blog about what I carry with me when my bag is completely clean with no useless items.


Bag: Topshop - I really like this bag, but the colour is quite difficult to match with my clothes (I always wear colourful clothes.)
Purse: Marc Jacobs - a birthday present. A pink one which I can put picture insides. It's not easy to find.
Mirror: Bridesmaid present from my friend. It has little rabbits on it. So cute! Love it.
Tissues: Breathe-easy from Boots. Stole it from my husband. He loves the smell of this tissues.
Keys: Pretty little bows key holder.
Phone: Kate Spade iPhone case. Ball ball + pink = my absolute favourite
Card holder: agnes b  - birthday present from husband. :)
Snack: Crunch. You know there would always be a chance that you are hungry, but no food around.
Glasses case

I don't know what will it be like after ten days. I guess, there will be many receipts and many more items inside.. :)

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