I started my holiday now, I don't know when will it end yet, but i guess, I will fully utilise it to ensure I won't regret it.  Here is how I spend my 1st day of holiday as a Happy Mrs. 


I enjoy eating yogurt lately, especially when I add some honey, banana and cranberry on it. It is a good start of the day. 

Recently, I found a really good yogurt - Bulla. For a plain yogurt. You may think how good can it be? The good point for this yogurt is that, it is not watery. it is a solid yogurt, which I love this texture. I used to eat yogurt with water at the bottom which makes me feel really awful. 


Yesterday was a busy day, I booked to do a facial, then go to IKEA to buy some photo frame for my wedding photo and meet my best friend for dinner.  What a nice day?!


As it will be a causal day where I don't need to carry anything heavy. I choose to wear a girl dress. Here are the outfit of the day. 

Clothing: Mint green dress with grey leggings
Bag: Topshop
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Jelly Beans

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