Bide Ride Must Have Items

Last weekend, my family and I had a lovely family bide ride gathering. My husband was surprisingly well prepared and look what he had packed for the day. 

He has packed:
# Shishedo Sunblock SPF30 - this is for me. It is water resistant, so I don't need to afraid the sweat would wash away the sunblock. The sun does not come out as often in HK lately, so SPF30 is enough for us.

# Nivea light feel every day sun lotion - this is for my husband (a manly sunblock, which would not make you look extra white on the face.) He mainly use this to prevent sunburn of his neck. He doesn't really care if he goes dark on his skin, but sunburn of his neck with his heavy sweat is a great trouble for him.

# Invigorating Wet Tissues - Wet tissues is a must have items for outdoor activities, you never knows when you need to wash your hand or swap your sweat. It is lavender scented which we love love love this.

#Nivea aftersun lotion - this mostly used by my husband, as he was heavy sweat and sub lock always being washed away. This is the rescuer for him. :)

#Mosquito sticker - Mosquito loves babies and my husband. The sticker can help keeping the mosquito away.

# Adhesive Plaster - My husband actually hurts his leg, just a small scratch. Luckily we have an adhesive plaster, otherwise, thing will be very messy.

Well prepare makes everything smoother and let us fully enjoy the time. :)

Cheers and hope you have a good time too.

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