Five Little Things I Adore

I would like to start a new series called " Five Little Things I Adore" to remind myself things I should appreciate in life. 

My Husband - He is the best husband ever. He tried everything to support me in my down side.
I love him!

I start watching Ghost Whisperer all over again from series 1. I still love and enjoy it. 

My Tiffany necklace becomes dark due to the oxygen in the air I guess. I buy this little "Silver Washing Water"
and it becomes bright silver again. Thanks God!

This little one always makes me want to hug her! 

I wrote a blog post about this product. I start feeling my skin grows brighter and whiter.
It is not the product that I want to mention. It is the way of doing things.
I start changing my cleaning routine which I repeated for more than 10 years.
My skins grows spot, it is not easy to find a new job.
But hey, I am taking the move to CHANGE!
Is it good or bad? Please tell me.
No matter what, I tell myself not to look back!

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