Gift Idea

It is the first year I received presents from my husband which is all rectangular. Let me walk it through to you on what are they and perhaps this can give you some idea on what presents to get to the others.

Top left: Agns b Optus card case. 
I love it so much as it has ball ball pattern on it. It looks so girly and fashionable. I absolutely love it, I think all girly girl would be too.

Top right: MacBook air
You may already know that I am learning how to edit video. I have actually done one for my honeymoon. I planned to do two more. One for my wedding and the other one for my Macau trip. This MacBook air is light and convenient, which is absolutely fits for a non heavy girl user.

Bottom left: Floral printed notebook from Cath Kidston
I have been searching for a hard cover beautiful notebook for a very long time. I'm so surprised that my husband actually find a foral printed one for me. I love foral printed dress, I guess that's why he buys it for me. The reason why i love it is that it has pale pink and mint green color, which is my current fabourite. But then I'm afraid it is too pretty that I don't even want to use it. I thought of DIY it and make it reusable. I havd already had an idea on how to do it. Just to find a little book that fit it then it will be fine. I will show it to you on how to do it later.

Bottom right: Pink envelop of a birthday card
This is nothing special, but I think no girl can resist this pink color. Even a color of pink can vary a lot. Shocking pink, baby pink, peachy pink. This pinky girly color makes me think of valentines day, which amused me. 

I hope you enjoy this random little posts and give you some idea on what to buy for your lovely wife, girlfriend or friend.

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