Spring Favorite - Mint Green & Lace

Last post, I write about how I do my last minutes shopping before my birthday last year. This year, it is way more fun! 

I don't need to work crazily late. I manage to go shopping, have a pamper evening and dye my hair. Wooohoo... what's a surprise! Being a busy Hong Konger, you have no choice but to try your very best to every single thing you love within a time. I have a little shopping and I found out that Mint Green, Pink & Grey & Lace are spring fashion trend in my eyes. At least, I love wearing it during spring time.

Whenever I wear lace, I feel I am very girly. Which girl doesn't like lace? But of course, we can't wear too much lace at a time, otherwise, it will become over the top.

The above look has all the combination that I like. pink with lace (both shoes and dress) I think it will look nice to wear grey legging as black legging would be too strong for a spring look.

I like to add a little bit springy happy colour - Mint Grey to make the whole appliance more FUN. The best way to add this all over the look is wear a colourful coat - easy!

This will be my outfit of the day and I will post a final look of myself later. Enjoy!

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