Food Shopping - We have a lot of public holidays over the past few weeks. I get to spend many time with my husband. We like cooking food at home, so hanging around in the market is one of our favourite activity during the time we don't need to work.

Hooking with Computer - Besides that, I most likely sitting in front of my computer, looking for the information I need or watching youtube videos.  I have been also obsessed with watching the TV shows called " Mistresses". It is soooo good. Season 2 will return in Jun. I can't wait to watch it. If you haven't seen it already, go check it out. You will be hooked and can't get it off until it finished. It has 13 esp in total I think. It took me less than one weekend to watch the whole series. Crazy!


Nando's Chicken - If you have been reading my blog, you may already know that my husband is coming from England. He loves Nando's! Unfortunately, Nando's does not make his appearance in Hong Kong. We are lucky enough to have our UK friends bring some Nando's sauce (actually TASTE also sell this sauce) from UK to HK. We try to cook Nando's chicken, sweet corns and rices in one plate, hoping it looks exactly like the one in Nando's. I admit the chicken baked in the oven is much better than cooking in the pan. It is soooooo yummy and taste exactly the same as we ate in the UK. We are sooooooo happy! :) 

Five Mixed Flower Herbal Tea - My mother has brought me a bottom of herbal tea the other day. The tea as stated in the title is is a Chinese (Guang Dong to be specific) traditional tea. The flowers in the tea are Lonicera Japonica, Chrysanthemum, Bomax ceiba etc). We normally drink it when we have a smelly mouth, constipation and to prevent heatiness in the body and turns out to be flur. For me, it is some kind of healthy drink and I feel so loved that my mummy always treat me and my husband so well.

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