Easy Baking Home Made Pistachio Ice Cream Receipt

My family came yesterday and we made a really yummy home made pistachio ice cream. It doesn't require you  to stir it every once and a while, very easy to make and I would really love to share it with you.

Whipping cream 200g
Condensed milk 100g
Pistachio 20g

1) Add the condensed milk to the whipping cream
2) Beat it for around 5 minutes until it is thicker than it normally is.
3) Add Pistachio and stir it well.
4) Pour it into a container and cover it up to avoid the smell of fridge deteriorating the ice cream. 

5) Place it in the fridge for 2 hours and it's ready for you to eat!
Here comes the Pistachio Ice Cream

Many years ago, I thought baking or cooking is really hard. But then my boyfriend (my current husband) loves home made food a lot, so I started doing it and found really easy receipt to start with. I soon found out that yummy food can be easy to make. All you need is just an easy receipt. I will keep sharing it through here and I hope this help you to start your cooking experience and start enjoying the joy that homemade food brings you.

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