Man's Best Moisturizing Gel

My husband has a really really really oily skin (especially in summer). He has tried so many different products and none of it works. He asked me the other day which product he should use. The first brand pop in my mind is - Biotherm.

I admit Biotherm has done a pretty good marketing job in the male side. I recall the first model for Biotherm in Hong Kong is "Jin Sing Mo" and now is Peng Yu Ying. In my mind, Biotherm is the pioneer for the male skincare product. I don't know why, maybe first thing I know of that dominate my head.

I suggest the above T-Pur Anti Oil & Wet product to him and he loves it ever since. He told me that his skin is very soft after applying it, no more oiliness. It really helps keeping his skin mattified all day. This can be applied after-shave as well. I think it becomes his best friend now. 

I am not any kind of expert in skincare recommendation. But if you or your male friend has some problems in getting rib of an oily skin, please just give it a goal. You may find how amazing it brings to your/his life. :) 

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