Top Five Nail Polish for Summer

Summer has come! I love summer! So I can wear clothes with lovely colour - mint grey, pink, white! All sort of summery colour! Not only clothes, but also my nail can wear pretty nail polish as well. I have a crazy shopping at Chanel and Topshop today and see what I found!

The above nail polishes are what I would like to introduce to you: -

No 1: Chanel Sweet Lilac - Chanel never disappoint me! This colour is the best! It is elegant and soft! It can match with clothes with both sharp and pale colour. Basically, it can match with everything. I LOVE it! However, it is quite expensive HKD190 / bottle. So, I would only drop by to Chanel when I want to give myself a NICE treat. As this colour is quite pale, so I will need to apply two to three coat before I can reach the colour tone that I like. Chanel nail polish can stay for 3 to 4 days, that is why I love it!

No 2: TopShop (blue) - Topshop makeup price is quite fair. This is why I can shop for an hour just to choose their nail polish. I particularly like their polka dot pattern nail polish bottle, it is really cute and it always stand out when I put them with other nail polishes. The price for Topshop nail polish is tricky. HKD98 for two bottle. That mean you would "unintentionally" buy more that you normally would. (It is just another GOOD excuses for me. DOUBLE YEAH!)  I like Topshop nail polish not only because of their fair price, but also the easiness in application. I only need to apply one coat and the beautiful colour is done in my nail and it drys quickly. What's more can I say about a less than HKD50/bottle nail polish with such an amazing performance?! Talking about this blue colour. I absolutely love it. I think it matches perfectly with white clothes and spice up the doubt look of white. :) 

No 3: Topshop (baby pink)- If you have read my post before, you know how much I love pink. I always think a pale baby pink suits my charter, however, I bought few baby pink nail polish before, I don't feel quite right. The reason I give it a goal again is that it has some white dot inside. Pink and white is always a friend colour. It reminds me of my wedding too. So I give it a try to see if it works. I works perfectly. It is not doubt, it is funny and different from other nail polish! Very innovative! Good Job! 

No 4: Topshop (Mint Grey) - This one is similar to the pink one with white dot. I'm dying for a mint grey nail polish for a long time.  I would like to buy this colour without any hesitation. However, to be honest, if I have a second chance, I think I would buy the one without white dots. Mint grey nail with white dot is a bit strange. It better off without the dot dot. 

No 5: Topshop (Navy Blue) -  Few weeks ago, when I saw a blogger (viviannamakeup) wear a navy blue nail polish. I thought (OMG, I need to have it!) I try to find some similar colour, I noted that Chanel sells similar colour as well, however, as it is a dark colour, I'm not 100% sure I would love it and the investment of HKD190 for an uncertain colour is not worth it. So I drop that idea and go for a Topshop one! Another good point for Topshop, it gives me a chance to do "try and error".  When I apply it on my nail, I think: Um.... Maybe the Navy Blue colour is to sharp with a dark blue. Sharp but dark. um.. It is quite manly and I can't think of any dress or clothes that works would work with nail colour at the moment. Maybe when I wear a sailor style clothes, it may work. I may not be able to wear this a work as well. So, I don't know, I may leave it for a while and maybe someday I can work it out and found that it is lovely. 

It is just some of my comments regarding my view on nail polish, you may have completely different idea or feel toward the colour. Nail polish manicure is an art. There is no right from wrong, it only has love or drop.  This is the colour that I love for this summer, I hope you are too! 

Talk to you in my next post! :) 


  1. All these colours are gorgeous!!!! :)

    Layla xx