Our Pink Grey Wedding

Pink and Grey have always been the colour that I love. The soft and harmony combination of the two colours can represent Chi and my personality and how we are together. It is not a shocking sharp colour, but a soft and harmony one. Here is some of the highlight on how we add these two representative colours to our wedding.

* Groomsmen's waist coat - Grey 
* Tie & Boutonniere - Pink
Bridesmaids Dress - Pink and Grey 
Corsage - Pink with Grey  ribbon for holding
Groomsmen Shirt for Door Games - Grey 
Flower Girl's Handmade Flower - Pink and Grey
Car Decoration - Pink and Grey
Party Area Decoration - Pink and Grey
Ceremony Seating Decoration - Pink Flower with Grey Ribbon
Groom's Tuxedo - Grey 
Bride's Wedding dress Flower and headdress flower - Pink

Ring Bear Waist Coat and Tie & Rings Cushion - Pink and Grey
Flower Girl's Dress - Pink and Grey
Grey Tuxedo Meets the Pink Flower

Entertaining Ribbon - Pink and Grey
Entertaining Ribbon - Pink and Grey

Cake Table Decoration - Pink and Grey
Cup Cakes - Pink and Grey
Backdrop Decoration and Seat Coat Color - Pink and Grey

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