Simple Way to Bake Gluten Free Banana Bread

If you are alleged to gluten, yeast or wheat, you may probably haven't eaten bread for a very long time. If it is the case, your saver is in City Super! The other day when I shop around at their bakery area, I found this gluten, yeast and wheat free banana bread mix, which it WONDERFUL for me. It also stressed that it is all natural and with real banana. I saw the receipt in the package, it is really easy the bake, so it will be a really nice weekend treat to my husband! Let's get started. 

1) Ingredient: The banana mix, 3 eggs, 170 ml of water and 50g butter (the package stated 80g, but I think it is too much, trust me it is equally yummy!)
2) Hair handling: I like to put my hairs up in case it ignores me during the baking period.

3) Crack the eggs, put it together with the butter (I like to cut the butter in a little cube - as I have no time to melt it ;) ) , water and the mix. 
4) Mix it with hand. Don't use the electric stirring machine. It will be too much air inside.

5) Place it in a cake tan and bake for 50 mins under 180C.

When it is done. It is supervisingly soft and sweet! We both love it and it is definitely a new heaven to my husband! :) 

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