Top 3 Pink Blush You Can't Missed

The reason I love pink is that it is girly. If you are having girly like personality, most of the chance you would be obsessed with pink colour. So Let me introduce my top 3 pink blush and I hope you would be obsessed like I do too. 

1) Shishedo Face Color Enhancing Trio Rehausseur Visage Trio PK1: This is the greatest product ever. This is some kind of all in one blush which cost around HK$240. It includes cheek blush, shadow blush and highlight blush. This is very convenient to just carry this out with me. The only downside is that the pink colour is not sharp enough, so it is the best if you want a causal look.
2) Majolica Majorga Cheek Customize PK333: This is one of the best blush I have ever discovered. The colour is appropriately pink and it is very natural. The price is just around HK$78. I would definitely recommend to buy this. 
3) Topshop Good Girl Blush: I was attracted by the girly pink colour, but I was just disappointed that there is some shiny thing insides and people would easily notice " You are wearing make up." So, it may not be the best out of the other two, but the sharply colour can definitely add some point. The prices around HK$89. It worths trying though. 

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