I know I have just posted a WEAR/EAT/LIFE blog post. But I have just found out that I have some other favourite wear eat life related stuff I really want to share. I really enjoy writing this and I hope you will enjoy reading this too.


TOPSHOP BLUE NAIL POLISH - Perhaps you have already read my blog post about my latest nail polish purchase. I have started to try one of the nail polish week by week. This week, I am wearing this sea blue nail polish colour. I really love it so much and would think it would match perfectly with my topshop jean and white shirt that I bought recently. I recently found TOPSHOP nail polish is actually more wearable than the channel one. I will try some more time to see if this is true. 


PEANUT BUTTER M&M - I love M&M. Whenever I am having one of those day, I would crave for some chocolate. M&M would always be the one that cheers me up. My bestie has recently been to the US and bought this super sized peanut butter M&M to me. I am sure this can keep me super happy for a really LONG time. ;)


BEAUTIFYMEEHTV (YOUTUBER) - I am a total youtuber addict. I start watching youtube video since half years ago. I am obsessed ever since I started, I love watching UK you tuber as I can learn english, understand their UK culture and lifestyle. You may already guessed I love watching Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Lilly and Vivannadoesmakeup. Today, I suddenly scan through a Korean youtube video and I am obsessed to watch every single video she produced. The youtube channels are called beautyifymeehtv. She is a young mummy with a loving husband living in the US. They talked about how they met, how they are together and how they takes care of their baby and stuff via vlogging. I think when their kid grows up and they look back all these videos, it really fills him with all the memories that he loses as a baby and love their parents more. Meeh's husband is a super caring one, he takes care of his kids, carrying him around and doesn't need his wife worries too much. Well done and happy Father's day. Meeh is a very beautiful lady and freelance makeup artist. They seems to have such a lovely life. If you love watching couple's vlog like I do, please go and check it out. But be prepare to be obsessed and make sure you have a whole afternoon to watch it. :) 

I hope you enjoy the recommendation that I state in this post and I swear I will not upload another WEAR/EAT/LIFE blog post again today.

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