Food for A Day

Everyone love food and I do too, so I thought it would be good for me to write a blog post about it.  This post is about my favourite food of the day. It may not be the healthiest one, but it is definitely the yummiest one. I really support the idea that you give yourself a really strict diet in the weekday and praize yourself a treat day over the weekend. 

BREAKFAST - I am currently obsessed with Instagram. As you may know, if you are hungry and no food around, don't go on Instagram. There are always all sort of food photo that you can't resist. By far, I found there are lots of pancakes photo that I just want to put it in my mouth. The other day, I learn about Banana pancakes from a you tuber (Amelia). I tried it, it is actually really great and healthy. I also cook a pancakes with almond butter in the layer, cottage cheese on top and add some syrup, blueberry and banana for my husband. You can't imagine how amazing it can be to start the date like this.

LUNCH - If you have read my blogpost about My Taiwan Trip. You would know how much I love Grill Skewer after the trip. It is in fact, very easy to cook. You only need to buy some veggie, onions and pork, stick it all together with a little wood, add some pepper and salt, put it in an oven for 15 minutes and it is done. It is one of my favourite dishes now. My husband and I always cook this dish every now and then. 

TEA - Tea time dishes is not actually a homemade one but I will definitely DIY later. This is a tea time dish from Oliver's Supersandwiches. If you have been to Oliver, you would find out that their breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner has some added dishes. You would be amazed on how different and how much you want the dishes. The other day ( it is the first time I have tea time @Oliver), I found that their tea time dishes are absolutely fab. They have pineapple & ham flying saucer, mini sized tomato pork spaghetti. The one I really want is mini hot dogs. It is sooooo cute! It includes an original one with tomato juice and mustard on and the other one with melted cheddar cheese on top. OMG! the melted cheddar cheese really melted my heart! It is with an adequate thicken, if it is too thick, you would feel it is too "FAT", if it is too thin, you would think there is no point putting the cheese on a hotdog. It is exactly the amount of cheese that I want and needed.  With the combination of sausage, salad and chips. I would give them 100 marks for doing such a good job. I recommend to many of my friends since then. By the way, their night time dishes have fish and chip, we have tried it. It is not the best, but it is quite good! You can also try it if you fancy a fish and chip next door. 

DINNER - Whenever I travel, I find one or two dishes that I would love for a life time. In Taiwan, it is a grill skewer, in Australia, it is Fish & Chips. I love these dishes and I always will be. One day, I want to eat fish & chips all of a sudden. I try to find all the ingredients in the supermarket, but I failed. I ended up buying veggie finger as (fish). Poor me. But it still satisfying to me. For the chips, I love the really thick chips. I like the thick texture that i can chew. I really can't wait to go to Australia and England for a real Fish & Chips dishes!

I hope you enjoy this post, please leave a comment and let me know what you love eating during your treat day and remember to click the button follow me in blog loving.

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